What kind of storage system do you use in your warehouse? If you are still using the antiquated cabinets and drawers that house no more than standard-sized boxes, your business could be losing potential profit. It’s time to replace them with a modern storage system, such as a pallet racking or heavy duty industrial shelving system. Here’s why:

Pallet racking and industrial shelving systems are made of steel.

Although products stored in warehouses may only weigh a small amount each, when stacked together in a storage unit, they can weigh up to several tons. The storage unit must be strong enough to carry this load and beyond. While some traditional storage units made of wood or other non-metallic material can take on a load like this, they can only do so much. A hardier and more durable material is necessary to support the storage needs of large warehouses, and steel shelving is the perfect candidate.

Steel is made basically of iron and carbon. Other elements are sometimes added to increase the steel’s tensile strength. The addition of carbon, on the other hand, improves steel’s physical-chemical properties. The steel used for making pallet racking and industrial shelving systems are of high grade. Meaning, it is made of the ideal proportion of elements.

They can store bigger and heavier products.

Modern-day storage systems have much larger capacities than their conventional counterparts. Pallet racking systems, for instance, can accommodate pallets 6 feet long in each beam. The vertical distance between decks is also higher than that of regular shelves, which gives the pallet racking system a higher storage capacity. This expansion in utility is due mainly to the increased capacity provided by the steel structure of the system.

They help you organise and maximise your warehouse space.  

With a pallet racking or industrial shelving system in place, you can easily organise your products in a manner that they can be easily identified and accessed. It also allows you to provide a sufficient and safe space for human and vehicle passages. Especially if your operation requires the use of forklifts, it’s crucial to have sufficient road space inside your warehouse, and your pallet racking system makes that possible without reducing storage capacity.

If you opt to install a pallet racking or industrial shelving system, make sure to turn to a qualified expert like AGAME Universal in Sydney. For many years, we’ve been designing and building storage systems for warehouses and their work has brought significant increases in their customers profit.