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Pallet Racking and Industrial Shelving Systems: Are They Worth the Investment?

What kind of storage system do you use in your warehouse? If you are still using the antiquated cabinets and drawers that house no more than standard-sized boxes, your business could be losing potential profit. It’s time to replace them with a modern storage system, such as a pallet racking or heavy duty industrial shelving system. Here’s why:

Pallet racking and industrial shelving systems are made of steel.

Although products stored in warehouses may only weigh a small amount each, when stacked together in a storage unit, they can weigh up to several tons. The storage unit must be strong enough to carry this load and beyond. While some traditional storage units made of wood or other non-metallic material can take on a load like this, they can only do so much. A hardier and more durable material is necessary to support the storage needs of large warehouses, and steel shelving is the perfect candidate.

Steel is made basically of iron and carbon. Other elements are sometimes added to increase the steel’s tensile strength. The addition of carbon, on the other hand, improves steel’s physical-chemical properties. The steel used for making pallet racking and industrial shelving systems are of high grade. Meaning, it is made of the ideal proportion of elements.

They can store bigger and heavier products.

Modern-day storage systems have much larger capacities than their conventional counterparts. Pallet racking systems, for instance, can accommodate pallets 6 feet long in each beam. The vertical distance between decks is also higher than that of regular shelves, which gives the pallet racking system a higher storage capacity. This expansion in utility is due mainly to the increased capacity provided by the steel structure of the system.

They help you organise and maximise your warehouse space.  

With a pallet racking or industrial shelving system in place, you can easily organise your products in a manner that they can be easily identified and accessed. It also allows you to provide a sufficient and safe space for human and vehicle passages. Especially if your operation requires the use of forklifts, it’s crucial to have sufficient road space inside your warehouse, and your pallet racking system makes that possible without reducing storage capacity.

If you opt to install a pallet racking or industrial shelving system, make sure to turn to a qualified expert like AGAME Universal in Sydney. For many years, we’ve been designing and building storage systems for warehouses and their work has brought significant increases in their customers profit.

Tips and Advice on Heavy Equipment Moving Services

Several challenges will be faced when deciding to transport heavy equipment. The size and weight of the industrial equipment make it intimidating due to its lack of commonality and scope. Despite this, here are some essential tips to make your machinery moving service smoother.


The first and foremost step before transporting anything is to devise a detailed plan of action to pursue. Written proposals are mandatory in some instances. Everyone involved in the process must be identified and assigned their specific duties. Due to the reason that heavy machinery moving is a multiple step process, organizing is the critical factor. Every worker needs to follow his or her said duties and work according to the prescribed timetable. When hiring an apt mover, ensure their availability matches your schedule to avoid unnecessary costs and time spent. Once the preliminary steps are completed, the moving company can come in uninterrupted and ideally relocate the equipment.


Consider Expenses

A key concern in the moving process is expenses incurred. After the step of comparing resources to devise a reasonable price range, the next step is to compare movers. Much like other service companies, machinery moving companies provide various packages at different rates. Another reason to keep an eye out for is to what service are being offered apart from the usual transportation. Ideal services are transportation accompanied by an audit, disassembling and safe packaging. A detailed step by step transportation process assures efficiency and precision.

Take Care of Equipment Stock

Before finalizing on moving, it is imperative to conduct a careful check on the inventory and its current condition. Possessing a field engineer to conduct an overall inspection of your machinery is an added benefit. This enables you to know beforehand the level of ware of machinery as well as planning for any specific moving requirements that may arise due to equipment condition.


Hiring professionals

Post detailed planning cost consideration and inspection of equipment; the final step is selecting and hiring a professional machinery moving company. This last step should be pursued after the prior actions are completed. Before agreeing on anything, a complete understanding of how the machinery moving process works with its expenses and prescribed timetables should be done. Be sure to verify all the necessary and required permits for equipment transportation which are to be submitted to the authorities necessary before the actual equipment moving.

Despite its daunting appearance and misconceptions, heavy machinery moving can be an organized and rather stress-free affair. The critical factor is to avail the services of professionals backed up with experience and needed skill set.

Steps to Hiring a Heavy Equipment Transport Company

One of the best inventions in recent history is the crane. Thanks to reliable crane services, you can transport massive, heavy objects and machinery safely. Like other pieces of machinery, cranes are quite dangerous if not operated accordingly. Before deciding what heavy equipment transport service, specific steps are to be followed.

Choose the right company

When you search for ideal crane services to hire, determine a company that maintains their cranes, trains their crane operators to meet the highest requirements and ability to use the latest crane technology. Prioritize finding a company that understands the industry of heavy equipment transport industry inside out.

Choose the right crane

Determine an apt choice of a crane from the many options. Different types of cranes include those used in tough terrains and smooth surfaces as well. Rough terrain cranes can smoothly over uneven ground and side lift heavy pieces of machinery and containers. Crawler cranes are easy to maneuver and move while carrying heavy loads. Before hiring right crane services, questions such as what kind of materials or equipment will you be working with, how much weight can the crane carry or what type of environment and terrain you will be working on?


Perform safety inspections

Take necessary actions of ensuring the crane is up to safety standards, functioning smoothly and is licensed. Accordingly, supervisors are needed in the area when such heavy equipment is being operated to guide and supervise. Verify that the crane is stable and positioned correctly.

Be aware of the environment

When you determine the ideal crane service to carry out your specific job, be always aware of the existing environment in which the heavy machinery is being operated to avoid operation in dangerous situations. For example, lifting heavy equipment during high winds, rain and stormy conditions are a spell for disaster. Consider placing a spotter who oversees all the cranes activities and gives directions as needed.


Prioritize operator safety

Ensure the crane operator is safe and is highly trained to handle the crane while everyone present at the worksite wears their safety gear like helmets and knows how to act when the crane is in operation.

Create an emergency plan

Every employer is expected to have an emergency plan in case a problem arises. The employer is expected to create a plan and then test in the workplace, train every employee on all emergencies, placing prominent evacuation board signs and routes and placing emergency safety equipment in a spot easily accessible and known by all employees.

Safety Precautions When Moving Heavy Materials Manually

Employee safety is a must rule to be followed in the organization. When employees lift and handle heavy boxes and crates, it must all be under the OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines.
Five safety precautions when moving heavy materials manually

Safety equipment

Workers at all times with no excuse to wear appropriate safety and protection gear from the manual labor performed. Employees who lift and move heavy equipment are required to wear a pair of gloves on their hands and long sleeve shirts to ensure forearm protection when performing lifts of items consisting of sharp or rough edges. The eyes are to be protected by wearing safety goggles. When employees are required to lift and maneuver hefty objects, they are expected to wear steel-tipped safety shoes or boots to protect the feet and toes.

Lift properly

Lift properly

Employees who perform manual lift of heavy materials are mandatorily required to use proper lift techniques. The proper lift techniques consist of bending the hips and knees to squat down to the load while keeping it close to the body and then straightening the legs to commence lifting. For individuals who suffer from spinal issues, consider wearing a lumbar support belt for better spine support leading to better lifting as well.

Add handles

When workers perform moving the heavy creates or boxes manually, they are expected to attach handles or holders to the load to enable better grip and easy maneuverability.


Get help

When a single worker cannot bear or lift the weight of an excessively heavy box or item, the worker is required and expected to call for an extra pair of hands from co-workers to assist in lifting thereby reducing the risk of damage and over tension on the muscles by a single co-worker. It helps prevent damage to the material as well. A simple trick on how to recognize a load is too much to bear by a single worker is if he can see around or over the weight, if he cannot, seek help from other employees to move the material safely.

Blocking materials

Avail blocking materials that are large and strong enough to sustain and support the load safely. The blocking element should be in good condition and not maintain any cracks, be splintered or dry rotted. A cautious and safe rule to be followed is making sure that the heavy load is not released before the hands of the workers are withdrawn safely.

How to Hire the Right Heavy Machinery Movers

Due to the lack of inventory in the market today, it becomes increasingly challenging to select and hire the appropriate heavy machinery movers. Before determining the apt mover, it is crucial to consider your construction needs accordingly. Here are certain vital factors to consider when determining heavy machinery moving company.


A moving company will do anything and everything in its power to avoid accidents from occurring, but there is never a guarantee that it could not take place. When accidents arise, they damage your equipment leaving you with a substantial loss to incur. Protect yourself from such perils; it is advisable to select a moving company that offers insurance. The amounts of insurance cover provided to vary from company to company. Determine those heavy machinery movers that provide maximum coverage in case of accidents.


Every business owner intends to minimize costs and gain maximum utility. However, that being said doesn’t mean you should determine heavy machinery moving company solely based on its lowest rate charged. Instead, you should consider a company that numerous years experience in the field. A moving company with a well backed up experience can handle a variety of projects with ease while meeting your construction needs accompanied by the ability to anticipate potential problems that could occur during the time of loading and unloading of heavy equipment. A minimum of a decade of experience is ideal.



While cost is not as crucial as the above-said factors, it still does play a vital role or determinant while choosing the right heavy machinery moving company within the budget. There is much more to than just referring and checking prices. Ideal companies are those who offer tailored packages to suit your requirements or specifications. Services like package prices help keep your costs down while enabling you to access a variety of services.


The final determinant is considering the capacity of the heavy machinery moving company you wish to avail services for. Consider essential factors of capacity such as the weight of the heavy equipment and its size as these are the right determinants which help determine the correct function. Another essential tip to be noted is to select a moving company that possesses trucks of the right capacity to suit your weight needs, as you do not want to pay for extra charges on additional capabilities you don’t require.

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